Hilti discovers a wellbeing solution for remote working

Hilti is a global, family-owned company that provides services, software and products to construction professionals for design, site, training, testing and consulting.

In the spring of 2020, Hilti explored new ways to support employee wellbeing as well as interaction at work and in their free time. The corona pandemic also created a growing need for such a solution. 

Hilti’s HR Director Tiina Hilden explains more about the background:

The transition to extended remote working and the lack of natural social interaction at the workplace pose a challenge to wellbeing. For us as a company, it is important to provide the best possible framework for our staff, so that such interactions are possible even in times when physical encounters are more difficult to organize.”

“Before HeiaHeia, we’ve had a Facebook group for this purpose. Alongside the group, we wanted to find a platform where it would be natural to share and cheer wellbeing related activities – we chose HeiaHeia for Workplaces for this purpose.”

How has the experience been for Hilti’s staff? We asked directly from one of Hilti’s employees, Katja Okkonen

I have been working at Hilti since 2008 and am currently responsible for sales and marketing for Hilti stores in Finland. Besides that, I also work as a company culture Business Coach Sherpa.

Wellbeing is important to each of us, and it’s also a personal matter: what suits me, does not necessarily suit you. In any case, it would be important that we maintain a balance between physical activity, nutrition, rest, sleep, and mental wellbeing.

In the Hilti corporate culture, the most important resource is people. As a company, we encourage people to take care of themselves, and investing in the wellbeing of our personnel has been a theme for us for a long time. Last year it was also the theme of our Team Camp. Team Camps are workshops for all team members, where we work on a chosen theme from the perspective of our culture. 

This spring, we’ve had a HeiaHeia physical activity and wellbeing challenge, and HeiaHeia as an app is really easy to use. It motivates me to a sportier and more balanced lifestyle. For example, I’ve tried new kinds of physical activity! As a goal-oriented person, I get energized by various challenges, tracking steps and, above all, from surpassing myself. A small challenge lightens up the daily life and gives me an extra boost.

Personally, during the past years, I’ve paid attention to sleep, nutrition and mental wellbeing in addition to tracking my physical activity. I am now keeping a close eye on my sleep. I also focus on recovery in general, and my impatient self has taken up yoga and mindfulness exercises. HeiaHeia has brought regularity into all my activities, and I have also started various personal wellbeing challenges. The challenges are ultimately about surpassing oneself, because in HeiaHeia, you don’t compete against anyone.

A sense of community has been a strong element of HeiaHeia. In the spring, I’ve taken part in multiple training meetings, and I’ve made it a habit to stretch during these. I also started regular walking meetings during the spring. These actions have helped me focus better and maintain my energy levels. It’s also been fantastic to note that a large number of co-workers have participated. This has become a mutual topic for us to start our meetings with — ‘where are we walking today, did you stretch yet’.

Our company’s virtual community really works! A sense of community and cheering friends are a strong part of our company culture. Now it’s fun to give and receive encouragement for things outside of one’s work as well. This improves the feeling of togetherness in the team, and creates a competitive spirit in a positive way.

All of us have “our thing”, we just have to find it, and HeiaHeia offers comprehensive opportunities to discover and engage with it!”